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Single Gate System for Property Buyers

Our unique business model allows us to have the widest repertoire of properties on the island and acess the most beneficaial deals while our clients don't have to deal with constant searches, several agencies, and agents all the time.
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Multi Gate System for Property Owners

With our marketing strategies we achieve the most attention for the properties of the owners while we have the widest range of buyers who are seriously considering buying and have the potential for it.
Crowdfunding Campaign

Open Days

Ibiza Villa Marketing is the only agency that organizes invitation-only open days in Ibiza featuring live art shows and exhibitions.

Would you consider spending 1% of your property price
to sell it immediately?

'/Our average sell cycle is 40 days'/

We are already in 16 countries and 52 cities where our buyers can choose their properties from. We have an extensive network of partners and clients who are always looking for opportunities to invest in properties and in the real estate market or buy homes for themselves.

Of course, we are not selling all the villas to our partners; that is why we do the 1% Villa Marketing campaigns in several foreign countries.

How it works

Property Price

Evaluating the price of the property.


Creating digital media strategies for content placement.


Signing agreements from 1% to 5% commission.

Hotels - Industrial parks

Agreements are formed as a result of the aggregation of various evaluation processes.

With our real estate projects, the market begins to change.

From the spring of 2015, our network of virtual tour photographers was rapidly achieving the Google Street View Trusted title for all the members and further in the future for newly joined photography and marketing agencies as the network was expanding. Since then, our network has diversified into the real estate market. Until 2017, the virtual tours and Virtual Property Reviews had served their purpose and opened the door to a new era for Ibiza Villa Marketing to offer synchronicity in the real estate market and everyone involved. We created these unique and outstanding villa marketing service lines specifically for Ibiza's seemingly impenetrable real estate market conditions that are serving our clients now in many parts of the World.






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