We work in the fields of communications, crisis communications, PR, digital marketing, journalism, live broadcasting, creation and management of radio shows, and in the music industry since - 1999 -

There is nothing more important in business life than adaptation and development. Assistance includes the basic tools that we use in our campaigns and to help our clients and partners in need who lack quality raw materials.
Film Production

Film Production and Concepts

We create raw materials and digital media content for each of our campaign's core stories that we conceptualize for the actual villa and its specialties, and shoot a short film about it. That will be one of the main pillars of the digital marketing campaign, and it will work as a pull strategy tool at the start.
The launch phase will be followed by a diversified promotional campaign, which will be accompanied by various parts of the main concept.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a long way from the beginning of the internet. Nowadays, it is not effective anymore to send emails with offers or news to everyone from a database bought on the digital market. We use Mailchimp to send out newsletters to our subscribers and SendBlaster4 Pro for press releases, news, and articles to deliver information to media representatives. We have a database of more than 11.000 subscribers interested in our newsletters and 4.575 media contacts. We have segmented our lists; therefore, we can select the desired target audience that helps our contacts to receive only relevant information connected to their profession or business that highly increases your chances of selling your villa.
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Social Media

Social Media

When someone hears about social media, s/he thinks of posting on Facebook, Instagram, and X /Twitter/. Nevertheless, a social media campaign is about writing a digital media strategy and a plan that includes where and what to post. We define presicely on which platform, when, and what to post. Different platforms use different content, and users are active at various times. We generate many types of content as possible; therefore, our audience will not be bored with one image or video uploaded multiple times a day or week. We create texts, images, motion pictures, animations, drawings, and many more materials uploaded at the right time on the right platform. Usually, we use the following platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Messenger, Messenger, Mix, Pinterest, Reddit, Signal, Telegram, TikTok, Viber, Vimeo, WhatsApp (B), X, YouTube, etc.
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Web'/site Creation

Creating a website and/or landing pages is usefull where all the information can be found about your villa and its surroundings; while these are the end points where we redirect the traffic and interested parties are screened and converted into potential buyers. We are also doing SEO for these websites.
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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about details others do not take into consideration. Those are the meta tags, backlinks, images' name which cannot be displayed, writing text content using 5-6 keywords everywhere where it makes sense, and choosing a desirable domain name for the target audience we wish to reach, to mention a few. Google Rankings is not all; however, the longer a visitor stays on a site, higher the ranking goes. That will come with the information, images, videos, virtual tours, and more on these sites.
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Google Ads

Google Ads - Formerly AdWords

Before we get into the actual raw material and content creation, we shall mention another marketing tool that helps to identify the right keywords when a potential buyer is looking for a property. We usually come up with between 500-1.500 keywords for a campaign, from which 10-50 will perform effectively and work by quality measures and worth invest in. We create and manage Google Ads campaigns for your villa for sale, with strong keywords and all type of content we can use.
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Still Images

Still Images

As writers, we do not always agree with the saying that "a picture worth thousand words"; however, in this case, we do agree with it because a professionally photographed high-quality gallery of images of a villa worth more than a thousand words. We always photograph villas with different lenses from different angles, giving everyone our perspective of your villa, that could be called professionalism and art at the same time.
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Walk Around Videos

Walkaround Videos

Many real estate agents are recording the best parts of a property then put it together as a whole video of the place. They usually upload it to their website or YouTube so they can share it with their contacts. This is not how we work. We record walkaround videos in 4K or 8K resolution with a Steadicam that gives a continuous and stable view of how the living room(s), bedrooms, kitchens, terraces, lounge places, bathrooms are connected, and it is more entertaining way to look around inside and outside.
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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

A more interactive way to walk around in a villa is a Virtual Tour, made from 360-degree images; taken with the highest quality four-lens camera an iSTAR Fusion that takes 9 images per lens; therefore, one single image is created from 36 pictures. After we took the images we create an exclusive virtual tour that is shareable directly on Facebook, X, WhatsApp, etc, and has a distinct info panel from where direct messages could be sent, besides having a full description of the villa. Our images taken by this camera can be used for measurements with the precision of mm if a potential buyer would like to ask for plans from her/his architect or get help and all support from ours about modifications beforehand. One of the most professional architet we ever met is Pablo Salon Zucchero - - .
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Drone Footage

Drone Footage - Aerial Video Production

Aerial photography and video recording are the most wanted visual content nowadays. We record aerial videos and take images of each villa with our most stable eight-rotor drone equipped with a 8K camera, then we create drone footage from these raw materials. We also do all the after production tasks like cutting, after effects, subtitles, narrations, etc. We always produce multiple short videos that we share on different platforms.
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My360REA Listing

All of our listings are going directly to our platform that showcases properties in an interactively new way with virtual tours. This listing site is powered by Plush Global Media. If you visit the website, you will see that you can list your property with a virtual tour for free, or find an agent who will do it for you. In case of Ibiza Villa Marketing, we delegate our collegues or partners to your villa to record the raw materials for us. Then we build an exclusive virtual tour with all the details needed, and upload it to this listing site; furthermore, to the website we created for your villa earlier.
We may also list your villa on other sites like, where they list properties with virtual tours as well.
Regarding the other listing sites, we will only list your property on those local sites where the villa is not already presented.
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Public Relations

Public Relations

'/We make the News'/ - Did you know that 50% of the news are generated by PR agencies? The other half comes from the governments. Our Public Relations agency, named MGM Media, will do an extensive communications campaign for Ibiza Villa Marketing; therefore, your villa can be presented in the press materials and articles we send out to our media contacts and outlets.
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Crowdfunding Initiatives

Crowdfunding Initiatives

Selected villas may be involved in one or more of our initiatives if will meet the requirements of a crowdfunding or other campaign, and could be involved in our Clean World initiative. Whether if a villa is involved in an initiative/crowdfunding project or not, we sell it anyway, in a way shorter time than any real estate agency or agent.
We see on the listing websites that villas with a price of more than €1 million are up there for min. one year; however, we found many villas which are for sale for two-three years, have between 50.000-130.000 views; therefore, clearly, having a contract with a real estate agency on board it is just not enough anymore.
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